Empowering Youth Through 4-H: Registration, Projects, Volunteers, and Events

4-H Online Registration

4-H empowers young people to lead for a lifetime by providing them with hands-on experiences guided by adult mentors. Almost six million kids and teens participate through school and community clubs, in-school and after-school programs, and 4-H camps.

Online registration is the official method used to enroll youth members and volunteers in the 4-H Youth Development Program. Instruction guides and videos are available below to help you navigate the system.


4-H is a fun way to develop life-long skills in a variety of projects. Club and county 4-H experiences allow youth to learn leadership, communication, responsibility, time management and teamwork. They also build connections with others through service and community activities, make friends at camp, clinics and workshops, and have the opportunity to show their work at the junior fair and other events.

During the re-enrollment or enrollment process members will be asked to answer important questions that determine their membership type. Youth will be enrolled as either Cloverbuds or Members based on their date of birth. Volunteers are enrolled as either Leaders or Support Staff. Leaders are adults who are screened and trained to lead youth in 4-H and will be responsible for the direct supervision of members. Support Staff are non-leader adults who provide general support to 4-H, attend meetings and support the program.

4-H Online uses ZSuite, an on-line program to manage the 4-H enrollment and registration process. Please review the 4-H Online Help Sheets for guidance and to get started.


4-H empowers young people with the skills to lead for a lifetime through hands-on, learn-by-doing experiences. Youth are given opportunities to develop their interests and passions in areas like animal science, photography, food, robotics, woodworking and more!

All families wishing to have their youth participate in the Indiana 4-H Youth Development program should enroll online. Enrollment opens October 1st each year and is open to all youth in Kindergarten through 19 years. Cloverbuds is a non-competitive group experience for youth in Kindergarten through 2nd grade. Project members are involved in project-based learning with more than 200 projects to choose from.

During the online enrollment process, youth will be asked to select their clubs and projects for the current program year. Club choice is based on age, meeting time and location, project offerings, and leader availability. County fairs and certain project areas (such as horse or shooting sports) may have specific project enrollment deadlines that must be met to participate.


Youth ages 5-18 engage in hands-on projects based on their interests guided by adult mentors. They develop leadership skills, learn to make positive decisions and connect with new friends and mentors. Youth can join a club, attend camp or sign up to be a 4-H teen leader and volunteer their time.

All volunteers who work with youth are required to complete a background check and the appropriate 4-H orientation process. You will either be prompted to begin this process when you enroll in 4-H Online or receive an email invitation from your County Extension Office.

Screening is repeated every five years based on your geographic location. If you are an active 4-H volunteer and your screening is due to expire, you will be prompted to renew it. In addition, all 4-H volunteers are required to watch the Minors Compliance Video. All of this can be completed through Z-Suite. Please contact your County Extension Office if you have questions.


All 4-H families are required to have a profile in the 4-H online database system. This is how the state and counties track members, volunteers, projects and events.

Youth who want to participate in competitive 4-H events such as fairs, horse and shooting sports must have a current project enrollment for their major project. These enrollments require parental consent and serve as the official project registration record.

Parents or guardians should log into their family’s 4HOnline account and complete the member enrollments for each child in the family. Please ensure that the e-mail addresses entered in 4-H Online are correct and that they are checked regularly so all family members receive important information from the county extension office and can respond promptly to any questions. This online system is also the method used to register for 4-H camps and other limited-enrollment activities. Click the “Event” button to begin registration for these programs. Then select the appropriate project, event date and location from the list.

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Online Registration for Boy Scouts of America: Simplify the Application Process & Enhance User Experience.

Online Registration for the Boy Scouts of America

Online registration allows prospective members and leaders to join the Scouting program without paper changing hands. It also provides a more efficient and user-friendly experience for units, districts, and councils.

For Packs, select “Boys Only,” “Both Boys and Girls” or “Girls Only.” Units can customize their welcome email (see examples) as well as the fee emails sent by the National BSA.


Online registration is an online application process for new youth and adult members of the Boy Scouts of America. This system allows prospective members to apply for membership and pay their dues without paper forms changing hands, and it creates a better, more efficient, and user-friendly registration experience for units, districts, and councils. To get started with online registration, watch these video tutorials and download the comprehensive Online Registration Unit Guidebook.

This training shows how to use the Invitation Manger tool to manage inquiries from families inquiring about your unit. It also covers how to reassign leads that are pending a decision from the unit to the district or council. Finally, it explains how to acknowledge an adult application in order to release it for a criminal background check. It is critical to do this quickly, so the applicant can be assigned a volunteer. This requires the unit Key 3 or a person with the Registration Inquiry functional role to acknowledge the application in Invitation Manager.


The system allows unit leaders to review and change their unit BeAScout pin settings as well as access a variety of registration reports. It also lets them know if they have actions to take in Invitation Manager or Application Manager. In addition, volunteers with the Registration Support functional role can acknowledge unit acceptance of an adult applicant who answered “Yes” to screening questions on their application.

The Key-3 can set up a “Fee email” to send to families that have been accepted online, which will explain the BSA registration fee and other fees. In addition, Key 3s can view a dashboard that shows YPT training status for their council and/or unit. They can add YPT training, search for training and print various training reports. This allows for better tracking of position-trained leaders and a more efficient process. The dashboard only counts registered adults in YPT required positions; it does not track Cubmaster/Committee Chair or Tiger Adult Partner (TAP) positions.


The online registration system works the same at the council, district, and unit level. When a family fills out an online application, it routes to the unit’s Application Manager dashboard. From there any of the unit Key 3 – the top leader, committee chair, or chartered organization representative – can approve a youth application with a simple button press. Once the application is approved it automatically shows up in the unit roster. If the new member pays by credit card, the receipt and money also show up in the unit roster.

Adults wishing to volunteer with children must have their background check completed through Live Scan. This can be done online or in person at the council office. In addition, all adults and volunteers must complete Youth Protection Training. This can be completed online and is a requirement for all volunteers and staff in the Boy Scouts of America.


If you are an individual seeking to register to vote, the process is fairly simple. You can fill out an online voter registration application and submit it to your local election office. You can also register by visiting the office in person. The staff at your local elections office will help you complete the form correctly. They will also be able to answer any questions you may have.

If your address changes, be sure to notify your general registrar right away. Failure to do so could result in your inability to vote. You can find contact information for your local registrar by searching for them using the municipality lookup tool on this website.

In California, a recent law requires all registered adults and regular volunteers to complete child abuse and neglect training and undergo Live Scan background checks. This is in compliance with AB 506, passed by the state legislature. Documents on this page with an Adobe PDF file icon require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

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