Using an Online Registration Icon to Streamline Online Registration

Online registration forms allow attendees to fill in information and submit it all at once. This saves time for both parties involved. It also reduces the need for people to call and fill out forms manually.

Using conditional logic, you can show or hide form fields for each customer. For example, if someone inputs their birthday incorrectly, the form will tell them right away and let them correct it.

Easy to use

Online registration icons are an excellent way to simplify the process of applying for a job or school. You can use them for both personal and commercial purposes and they are easy to use in any app or website. They can be downloaded as SVG or PNG files, and are scalable to any size without losing image quality. They are also available in a variety of colors. If you want to get this icon in another color, it is easy to do with a simple graphic design program such as Adobe XD, Illustrator or Pablo. You can even convert the SVG file into a JPEG, PNG or WebP image file.


Online registration icons are designed to make it easy for customers to fill out forms. For example, if a customer makes an error, such as leaving the “@” out of their email address, the online form will catch it and notify the user so they can fix it. This is much more convenient than the traditional way of filling out a paper form.

Some online professional registration systems, like Jumbula, also have built-in marketing tools to help businesses grow and nurture their client base. With these tools, customers can be notified of new products and services through emails and text messages.


Streamlining online registration doesn’t just help your staff; it makes the process easier for your students, too. By taking a big-picture view of the registration system, you can identify and remove bottlenecks that keep your students from enrolling.

A great app icon can boost downloads by 560%, which confirms the importance of creating a distinctive symbol that conveys your brand’s story and aligns with your product image. You can also protect your app icon by registering it as a trademark. However, you must follow certain guidelines to ensure that your trademark application does not get rejected by the trademark office.

Streamline’s largest icon library is easy to use and compatible with most design software. You can search and find icons in seconds and even download them as SVG or copy them in the clipboard. Streamline icons are perfect for any size requirements, from small displays to infographics and CMYK printing. Moreover, you can also include them in templates or work intended to be reproduced by third parties.


Online registration icons must adhere to strict regulations, standards and policies to ensure that customer information is safe. These regulations include the GDPR, which protects the privacy of European citizens, and PCI DDS, which ensures secure credit card payments. Keeping up with these requirements is a necessity for any business that offers online services.

Many designers choose to use a monochrome icon with a solid fill, and they declare this in their manifest’s image purposes list. This allows the user agent to apply an icon mask that makes pixels outside of a “safe zone” transparent. The safe zone is defined as a circle around the center of the icon, or the smaller of its width and height if it’s non-square.

Distinctive app icons represent one of a company’s main assets, and they should be protected through a trademark. This process is costly, but it is well worth the effort to keep your distinctive sign protected.

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